Sessions at a Glance

What You Will Learn

Using the pre-event exercises in EQ testing and DiSC profiles, you will be put into small groups to complete a scenario exercise focused on real-world business scenarios. This exercise is meant to help you apply your personality traits in a group setting that will set the groundwork for better understanding your strengths and developing them throughout later sessions in the day. MFGS, Inc. executives will help mentor you and your group through the exercise, which is meant to challenge you and get you critically thinking.

EQ tests measure a person’s emotional intelligence and their ability to both understand and regulate their own emotions and relationships. It has been proven that people with higher emotional intelligence achieve greater success throughout their careers. It is important to understand how you react in certain situations and how you engage with others around you. In this session, you will hear from an expert in analyzing EQ results as you learn how to understand your individual results and how to apply them to the real world.

The DiSC profile is a test to help you understand your personal behavioral traits so that you can better understand your role in group environments and how your actions interact with both similar and different personality types. The DiSC profile examines dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness. This session will walk you through understanding the results of your test so that you can take a deeper dive into who you are and what you bring to the groups you work with. Having a better understanding of self will help your future leadership endeavors, group settings, and more.



Learn from both MFGS, Inc. and Industry executives about the tipping points in their life that ultimately lead to their career success today. Everyone has a plan, but it is almost certain that there will be changes and challenges along the way. This panel discussion will provide an interactive opportunity to hear about some of the career arcs that changed the scale for these leaders and how they used these challenges to build further on their success.

Your personal brand is one of the most influential aspects of how others perceive you. Whether it be through social media, your personal and professional relationships, financial stability, or activities where you choose to spend your time, the reputation that others have of you will affect all other aspects of your life.


The greatest part? You have control. In this session, you will hear from industry experts on where to begin building your personal brand. You will be challenged to think of who you are now and how you want to be perceived in the future. You will learn various avenues to set up your brand and how to take the first steps in doing it, as well as what industry professionals look for. Building a brand doesn’t happen overnight, but there is no better time than the present to begin. How do you want others to view you?     



The “IT” factor. We all hear about it, but what exactly does that mean? Everyone shares a desire to be liked, but it is not always clear how to achieve and maintain likeability throughout various stages of life. This session will teach you how to balance success and relationships in a constant effort to increase the likability factor that will make you a strong team player and leader.


Learn how to take control of your happiness.



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